Illustration West 55

Honorable mention! 2 of my images have been accepted in 2016 The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles annual and one of them ("Beethoven" made for Tapirulan exhibition "Fior di Zucche", art director Fabio Toninelli ) has been awarded with honorable mention. The other image selected is the cover for a kid book published by Mondadori, art director Fernando Ambrosi.
I would like to thank all the judges and all the staff at
The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.


Mondadori "L'amore secondo Ismaele"

Later this year 2016, I made cover and all the inner images for "L'amore secondo Ismaele" published by Mondadori, art director Fernando Ambrosi.
It was a great experience and I hope you like it. Cheers



My first collaboration with Illustri: Novantanove.
I'm so glad to be in this showcase of illustrators.
This event will be held in Turin this weekend so you can see my image in full 35X50 cm.
I've created a brand new illustration for this occasion.
It's about crisis of the couple. Thank you so much
Ale Giorgini and all Illustri staff.

novantanove illustri giovanni da re

Giovanni DaRe Couple crisis


After a while, I added a couple of editorial pieces.
The first illustration of a collaboration with Die Zeit newspaper for their page "Connect the dots".
Oscar Wilde and refugees were the subjects for 2 more images.


Giovanni DaRe hope Europe refugee

"10 illustrators and a thought for Giulio Regeni"

I was asked by blog to be part of this initiative: "10 illustrators and a thought for Giulio Regeni".
I am glad of this opportunity, even though it was not an easy task.
Here is my illustration.
‪#‎giulioregeni‬ ‪#‎editorialillustration‬ ‪#‎illustration‬

Giovanni DaRe Giulio Regeni cartaresistente

WIP January 2016

I'm working on a project and I think it could turn out very well.
It's always interesting to know what is behind a final illustration.
So I would like to share with you a WIP ( Work In Progress).
As you can see, I've made 4 sketches of the same subject, but only one will be chosen.

More details soon.


Annual exhibition SOI 58

The annual exhibition Society of Illustrator n°58 will be held at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators NYC January 6 to January 30, 2016…and here's a picture of my framed art exposed there.


Society of Illustrators.

I am honored that I've been accepted in NY Society of Illustrators 58. This is my first time in this famous competition and I've to admit that I'm thrilled, almost a dream come true. Here's the selected illustration: "Crime Fiction". Thanks to the judges!

An Opening Reception and Awards Gala will be held on Friday, January 8th at the Museum of American illustration at the Society of Illustrators NYC.

It's been a year really rewarding considering the amount of competitions I've been accepted ( SOI, SILA, 3X3, CQ). For this 2015 I'm done, I guess.


Ebook cover "Seconda".

I'm really proud to share with you this: ebook cover for "Seconda".
It's a result of a team work that took some months with the great graphic designer Chris Rocchegiani and the anthology authors: Serena Bertogliatti e Davide Schito. The ebook is available in Amazon store and other stores.
An higher resolution image can be found on my Editorial Gallery.
Thank you all of you guys for making it happen.


SILA 54 Opening night.

A few shots taken from the Illustration West 54 opening night exhibit in Los Angeles.


Illustration West 54

"Society of Illustrations Los Angeles" finally launched IllustrationWest site. Pleased to see a lots of great works.
My page with my 2 images selected:


Society of Illustrators Los Angeles 54

I'm extremely happy to have been selected with 2 of my works in upcoming Society of Illustrators Los Angeles annual ( illustration west 54).
This is my first time in this famous competition!
The illustration West 54 exhibit will open at the Gallery at the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, 5119 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA., on Saturday, November 7, 2015.
They will be launching the " website at the same time as the opening night.



Last month, I spent a couple of weeks in Guildford, UK to improve my spoken english.
It was an extremely lovely experience thanks to the host family, the teacher and the staff of Elizabeth Johnson Organisation.
They also made a post about me on their site!
These weeks helped me a lot and it's an experience that I strongly recommend.


"Member Focus"

I’m happy to be the “member focus” for today
I like the header in the homepage!
Thanks to Maria Ragusa-Burfield.


On Illustration'

Thanx to @the_loungers and Mr Neo Geo for a great article about my work.
Illustration's Lounge is a big inspiration site to check out on a daily basis.